Design Factory
Bootcamp 2019


Save the date 23.3 - 27.3.2020

The best experience related to teaching and learning ever had!
— Bootcamp 2016 Participant

Design Factory Bootcamp


DF Bootcamp is a week-long intensive hands-on experience of the DF-concept. It will give you the opportunity to experience Aalto Design Factory, and learn the ins and outs of the interdisciplinary platform. The whole ADF community is involved in sharing their expertise, and the week is filled with workshops that help you kick-start the planning of your own experiment.

With the help of DF experts, lectures and workshops you will become familiar with the DF history, infrastructure, ways of working and pedagogical philosophy, while starting to develop your own strategy and implementation. You will benefit from co-creating with fellow Bootcamp participants and existing DFs sharing their experiences.

For whom

The Bootcamp is perfect for you who have a dream, but are in need of inspiration and insights from others. You might be starting the process of building your own interdisciplinary platform, or catching up to join the SWAT-team of experimentalists in your own institution.

When and Where

The next DF Bootcamp is organised from Monday March 25th to Friday night March 29th in Aalto Design Factory in Espoo, Finland.


€8000/institution for up to three representatives. Cost of the Bootcamp does not include flights or accommodation.

I wish I had failed so I could do it again!
— bootcamp 2016 participant



When should I arrive?

We start on Monday at 10am. We suggest you arrive at least on Sunday for prompt start. We’ll finish the action packed week on Friday late evening.

Can you recommend a hotel near ADF?

Recommended places to stay within a short walking distance of ADF are: Radisson Blu Hotel Espoo and Aalto Inn.

If you wish to stay at Aalto Inn, please contact Viljami for help in organizing the booking.

Who should come from our institution?

The cost of the week is €8000/ institution for up to 3 participants. We recommend you start by sending at least one person who is in charge of the day-to-day operations and one person who teaches in your institution. If you wish to send more than 3 participants, the price is negotiable.

What are we going to do in the Bootcamp?

The program is in development and we will send you the final version after registration. We will reserve some time, e.g. a morning, when you have the opportunity to arrange meetings with persons of interest in Aalto.

Who can we expect the participants to be?

DF concept has generated interest in universities from USA, Israel, Ireland and Greece. The Bootcamp is also a great way of organising induction to new members of existing DFs.


The Bootcamp will only be organized if at least 8 representatives from 3 different institutions sign up. We will inform you as soon as registration has completed or the quota has been filled. We take the right to amend the schedule according to the availability of experts.







To start the sign up process please contact Klaus by email

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Klaus Castrén

Are you interested in participating? Do you have questions about the DF Bootcamp? I’m your guy.


Päivi Oinonen

I develop the DF Bootcamp concept and look after your learning experience. Tell me more about your idea.


Viljami Lyytikäinen

I develop the DF Bootcamp concept and look forward to an inspiring experience together.